East Java, Surabaya.

          Hollaaaa helloooo, whoppps *longsigh* finally, after two months disappear from my blog I could take my weekends to write. This time I'll posting about my short-holiday with my bestfriend.. Nia (as I said on my previous post).
           So, we went there by train and spent about 7 hours until we arrived. We didn't go anywhere but stop at mini store to bought drinks, soap, shampoo and other toiletries because we did'nt bring it from home hahhaha.

August, 14 2013 / 10:06 pm

          Thank you so much Bella for gave us such a nice lodging. Her mom also sent us delicious fried rice and orange juice in the middle night when we're still awake. That was really, too much but thanks :'D

          Sanrio HK mini makeup-kit from Mba Miwa, highly functional for travelling. Lovit!

August, 15 2013 / 9:05 am

Soooo excited, getting ready for the first day exploring the city. *big-happy-smile* oya by the way, that zebra print shirt is a salary as big boy's photo assistant on his project with local onlineshop hihihi

         When I was busy taking photos, Nia busy looking for the routes :p

         First place, Monkasel (Monumen Kapal Selam) Submarine Monument, Jl. Pemuda 39 Surabaya. 

         KRI Pasopati 410, termasuk tipe SS Whiskey Class, dibuat di Vladi Wostok Rusia pada tahun 1952. Kapal Selam ini berpartisipasi di Angkatan Laut sejak tanggal 29 Januari 1962, tugas utama adalah untuk menghancurkan garis musuh (anti-shipping), pengawasan dan melakukan penggerebekan secara diam-diam. KRI Pasopati 410telah mengambil peran besar untuk mempertahankan hukum kelautan, seperti Operasi Trikora, KRI Pasopati 410 turun ke belakang garis musuh, memberi penindasan secara psikologis.

         Before entering the submarine, we're advised to see the Video Rama. Video Rama is a cinematic film which tells the history of submarine KRI Pasoepati 410 while performing their duties. I was too late when the film played, so we get back seat and we couldn't see anything because everyone in front us is taller than us -_____- 


         Let's move.....

         Inside the submarine, I was very impressed with the equipments... although a little bit spooky hiiiii >...<
Tips: wear comfortable shirt and not heavy :| 
The weather was (and always) super super hot there, I wanted something cold.... ice cream, so here we go, the second place!

Same day, 1:36 pm
Zangrandi Ice Cream Tempo Doeloe: Jl. Yos Sudarso No 15 Surabaya

Two photos above taken from Google.

         I love this place, simple, cozy and sweet decoration. Hard for me to make a choice, the menu is very diverse. Every menu here seems yummy and it's true! :) 

August, 16 2013 / 6:19 am

         The night before, I asked Nia for morning exercise. I'm always curious about morning air in every corner of a place. 'Everyone is doing their activities'-moment is ....great for me :)

         Confused what to wore that day, it was mega hot outside hosssh hosssh...

        House of Sampoerna: Jl. Samporna Surabaya

        Our route that day was House of Sampoerna. When we got there we was so happy, the guards asked the visitor to showing them our identity card. They checked and we aren't allowed to enter the museum because we are under 18yo without parent's attendance. Oh Goooood, I'm about 18 yo next year, on September huhuhuhu :( 

         Then, there was an officer told us right behind the museum is an art gallery. All ages are allowed to entry the gallery, so this is the cure.....

Pardon my short legs aha!


         All fabric is for sale, but don't ask me the price...  above one million, I want too :'(

        3:01 pm
        Tugu Pahlawan


Tired-face pose x)

                 We could find almost all snacks or foods there, not expensive and my favorite is sushi-snacking (i post the photo on my instagram). My advise: don't wear short pants or skirt, keep your body because the mosquitoes are super duper naughty grrrr.

         And that's my very short holiday, the next day I spent for shopping at some malls and wholesale markets. The goods are good and the most important... we are welcome to bargain the price hihihi. I bought 'Bu Rudy- kerupuk & sambal' for my big family and some friends, a particular food there.

See you, sorry for late and short post too,
Fegha Fannissa


During Long Holiday

          First, I'm going to say Happy Eid ul-Fitr. May the blessings of Allah SWT always be upon us all, forgive my uncounted mistakes :)

          By the way, this is my first time in my life, got and passing a loooooong holiday for almost 4 months! but during that time I didn't really feel the real holiday because I had to wait my national exam result, prepared my graduation party, promnight party, and following some tests to enroll college. Moreover, my family was'nt off work so the only person who accompanied me during the holiday was...  my big-boy

         When my enroll-college-thingy done, fasting month comes so there's no vacation in my long holiday :') emmm... only boy asked me to go to some random places just to get fresh air and culinary tour (two things I never get bored to) and girls day out or hang out with my friends. Oyaaa I just started my new business too with big-boy, Alhamdulillah it's running smoothly, I'll tell you more later or check it through twitter on @embracethend buy buy! hihi :) [note: I posted them all on my Instagram account :)]

          Before parting, my bestfriends planned a vacation for farewell party (yes my friends accepted at different college and also major). Because one thing and the other, who can participate only 5 person (include me). Well okay, the tickets already in my hand and before D-day 3 of them cancelled to join. Only left 2 person, me and my bfriend Nia. We're looking for anyone who wants to join with us but noone give definite answer, we decided to go anyway. *hope anyone can join*

          In shaa Allah, this is my first farthest trip without family. Bismillah. Wait the story of my journey :)

Fegha Fannissa



New York on My Chest

         Decided to wear this suit when a sudden-invitation called. I added my favorite outer so there will be no too-sad impression on my clothes! :D

Planet Hollywood' shirt merch, from aunty
Outer, SORA
Studded Black Heel, Connexion
Brown Bag, Sister's
Hat, Payless
Ring, bought from Bali