Let me show you this one, I'm a beginner so if the result still bad it's okay :p I'm a little who loves doodling, I always drawing though only a meaningless squiggle. I imitate the object from picture, magazine or something else to practice sometime and the other inspiration just come from my brain purely.Yepssss! :D

GoGirl! magz



Got It Mine

     There will be come, someday. You and your life gets contrary. When your heart say to keeps faith and the world seems so untidy. Words out and nobody knows what are you talking about. They look like ignore you from their eyes and all you will get is a sadness. It's like, you only talks with your heart easily. And when we are going to explain, and explaining from a big point until the details one, stills ..noone gets your point. And that time, you judge them as something 'Oh God please ...please understand without explanation again ...d*mn you!'. Then, you decided to force yourself not to tell about your feeling to everyone. That's when you and yourself like battle :') You only talks with yourself, crying and ask Allah for help. Doesn't you?
Can people just accept when we tell that we truly dissapointed? Can people just hear about every words we tell to them? Can people just give us time to explain something? Can people just remembering the little things they used to fight for? Someone said, "....well there will someone who used to fight for something and when they are already got what they want or arrived to their destination. Then? what do they have to fight for again ? They already got it. Got it."  First, I din't get that word and I thinking about that and yes gotchaaa! I got it :') I'm not so at that statement, but yes it's right ....sometimes. I still keeps my faith on everything I believe. That's it. No matter what happens, I keep my faith. Too much I know. :)

Magz Room at Monumen Pers, after school. Nice place :)

Creamy Rose

     Two days before my birthday, me and my sister  accompanied mom come to seminar held by her office for two days. We preparing my birthday party too, I wasn't ask an EO so I did it all only with my sister. Bought the stuffs, survey the place, photoshoot, made the invitation and more. Confuseeeeed!

 Red Velvet cake, I bought at Cafe (Paragon Hotel). Nice and cheap :)

Place for my birthday party.

Male Shirt, Unbranded.
Skirt, Sister's.Sling Bag, Mom's.
Floral sock, Payless.
Creamy Flat, Payless.


Surprise, surprises, September

     Allright, I'm a little bit away from this 'my-personal online-diary' because I'm so busy being 3th grade. Full of tasks, additional lesson, noon-test and blaaaaah really... being senior high school with three strips on my badge is soooo tired. Wake up at 5am, go to school and back home at 6pm. :') But then, I'm so gratefull Allah give me chance for this time.

     And I know it's late to post but not too late to do :p hehehe ...20 September 2012, it was my birthday *YAAAAAAAYYYYYYY* Now I'm 17th years old!!!! that day, for me was sooooooo special. So happy got lots of birthday greetings, and God .......family, bestfriends and him gave me surprise(s) :'D

     Time flies so fast, i never think I already 17th. As usual, people make a wish on their birthday. So do I, I made wish(es), actually I make a wish everyday but yaa you know, when you ask Allah for wishes in your birthday it's like different 'BAM' in your heart right? I made it secretly :p , the big point is I ask Allah for always give me power, health, loglife, blissfulness, fortune, love, success, still in good circle, and way for reach my dreams and I really thank to Allah for everthings ...thank for keeps me in circle, bring me with lovely family, bestfriends, friend and ...him. I'm so grateful whatever it is :')

     Thanks my best Dhea Swasti for your post about my birthday, so touched! :*

by Dhea 
by Dheajenk

by Nia



Birthday greetings on chat and text, I can't show it all ...a lot :'D
Amin amin yaRabb ..

Mom, Dad and Sister gave me surprise at 00.01am , Pink-round clock gifted from Mom :)
*I couldn't open my eyes sooo sleepy*

My friends gave me surprise after school and the beautiful ilustration gifted from my best Khadiffa and Krisna ..they're a couple. Sweet! :')

     Fiuuuuuuh~ I thought that was enough on my birthday. I go home with cream-cake on my hair and my clothes. Took a bath, and reply my chat(s) one by one, overslept and woke up again. At 7.30pm I go to mom's room and laying on her bed with ...my fingers typing chat, still busy replying birthday-greetings from everyone and ..........8.39pm *SLEEP*. Tik ...............Tok ................Tik ..............Tok ...I realized that I fall asleep, it was 9.00pm and I saw my phone, mom's room become dark and I heard like there're people talking and ...................................................SURPRISEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! from Dheajenk, Nia, Sylvana, Dhea, Ajeng and ...Aulia :')

*Am I dreaming????????????*

They asked me to blow out the candles only in once breath, ohhhh I've tried *faint* 

     Then, Dheajenk said if she had to go home soon because it was already night or her mom gonna be angry. I just believe it, I still in my a-half-dream-world surely -__- They go out from my house, Aulia gave a cupcake and shedd it on my face. He hold my hands ........so my negative thinking work..............YES........work!

     Well, that's it :') swear I couldn't say anything ........................so happyyyyy, so grateful. I don't know what I have to say to them. Thank you soooooooooooooooooo much Ajeng Angelyta, Sylvana Oktia, Nia Swastika, Dheajenk Purbandini, Dhea Swasti and the most handsome boy at that time, Aulia Ahmad Azzahari :*. Thank you for being everything in my life, you are all my best. My diamond ...I love you, all! *group-hugyyyyyyyyyyyyy* SMOOCCCCCH :'){}