Chinese New Year

     Gong Xi Fa Cai. Happy Chinese New Year for all those who celebrate it. I hope more blessing in the year of  "dragon-water". Yeay!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Taken by my super-lovely-bambibuleh-boy, Aulia Ahmad Azzahari // Pasar Gedhe [Solo, Central Java] // 04.00 a.m 


        Altough I don't celebrate it, accidental in the morning mom gave me a gift. It's funny because mom gave me a dress with shades of red, like I will be celebrating the feast of chinese people. Btw, I love it. I love the dress and the package. Thank, mom! :*



D&G Woman/Man F/W 11.12, Steven Klein.

     For one and any reason. I adore all the people who produce this work. They have outstanding advantages. I hope, someday I can work with them. With all people who have the creativity which is uber cool-amazing.


I'm Captain

       Hey, what's up? have you an awesome Sunday? :)
Let me post about my daily outfit, here .....


Anchor Outerwear: Thrift Store
Black Inner: Mom's
Black bowler Hat: [hunting at Bandung]
Black Knee Tight: Mom's
Dark Blue Shoes: BAKTI

     So many ..SO MANYYYY plans for 2012 and it's kinda hard to realize, oh God help meeeeeee :'(
Like, i wanna come to Jessica Ellen Cornish or maybe you called her Jessie J ..concert in INDONESIAAAAAA!!!!! I wish i could , pleaseeeee. :")
Oyaaa, mom just bought me something with 'batik'-pattern-on-it and a book.. the title is '5 cm' . You have to reading that book!! I think, i'm gonna save my money to buy all of books that i wanna get. Yes!!! I can do this, do everything that i want!!! I'm a captain!!! Captain of myself!!!! YES!!!!  Happy Sunday, xoxo :*


Before Home

         Idea comes unexpectedly, today .. during the lesson (Ibu Astiti - Mathematics) i really really feel sleepy, it's often happens when she teaching in my class :$ . She speaks from A to Z back to A run to Y end with Z ..zzzz i just says 'oh yes, i get that' *nod* until she asked my friend to open the OHP (re: Overhead projector) , yaa sometimes my teachers still using this machine to help them teaching in class. First words: OMG...the light ..*thinking* (kinda cool to take photos with that light). Then, i tell my thought to Aje, she is my deskmate and she agree to take photos after school with her brother's-cool-handphone. She use her brother's phone because her phone was break-down.
Here here .....  :D

                      [ L/R: Dheajenk, Me, Atay, Ajeng ]

[ L/R: Dheajenk, Me, Zakky, Ajeng, Atay ]

The Machine: OHP, Handphone (Android), Effect-photos, and a touch of confident.... LOVE! :D

-Thanks to Wipra as our photographer and Nia was accompanied us, we heart you both. *kisses*

I think we will do this 'ritual' more often hihihi...
Oyasuminasai. :)


Surprise & New Year [2012] Party

     Wooooow~ this is my first post on first January, 2012!!! *cheers* just tell if my boyf (ciyeeee) birthday on 31 December. Firstly, I plan to give him a surprise at 00.00 but my friends can't join ..then I decided to delay my plan. That day just goes as usual until night before he text me if he was on his way to my home. I was shocked, he always do like that.. go to my home without agreement at first or something like that but yes, i always excited too mwihihi :$
Almost an hours we talk, watch movie then me, my sister and also my mom give the surprise. Yaaa only small birthday-suprise, he was shocked looh :D

"Happy birthday my beloved boy, I know I haven't long be you girlfriend but I know you almost 5 years and we have been together before this relationship.hehehe. Longlife, stay healthy, be blessing, be mature, full of happiness, luck etc. I wish nothing but all the very-best for you. Allah with you, I'm standing on every side of you. Love you Aulia Ahmad Azzahari."

     I was angry because he cancelled our plan to go to CFN (Car Free Night) ..Solo's first event to greet New Year Eve. The road was very very very crowded and rainy down here. So, we enjoy our quality time and togetherness. Me, him, my big family come together, eating, talking, sharing, watching movies and always!!! took lots of photos until 3 a.m  :D




Holiday is over, let's take a rest and ready to face the reality. Oh God, You must be kidding.
Night, guyys. 
Warmest Regards, Fegha Fannissa Dyananto *hugs*