Stars and Rabbit

             "Stars and Rabbit, an Indonesian folk music duo formed early 2011 in Yogyakarta. The group consisted of singer-songwriter Elda Suryani and musician Adi Widodo. Their single 'Worth It' drew them attention from a small variety of communities in Indonesia and the United Kingdom, as part of the indie pop/folk scene. Stars and Rabbit engages a do-it-yourself approach to writing and recording. Their music is a melding of pop and folk influences with raw simplicity of composition, arrangement, and performance." -SB's biography



Some lyrics:
Worth It : 

Are you coming baby eyes
It takes two to do the ocean
Are you coming baby eyes
It takes two to do the sky

Making scene of fairy tale
was it worthy?
White love in the drawing sand
make it worth it

Are you coming baby eyes
It takes two to do the ocean
Are you coming baby eyes
It takes two to do the sky

I build the high fortress
You take polaroid
I watch the halo moon
You slow down the road

 Rabbit Run :

 Your story is my story 
My story is my story

Can I not listen? 
Rabbit's gone 
Rabbit's run..

Give no interest 
Or else it's unfair 
Rabbit go look out on the street lamp 
To get hypnotized by motion 
Well, fine by me 

 Like It Here :

 Don't change sit tight 
Don't change you think I'm already tired

I don't mind you stay today 
Beside,you did it once,did it all 
I don't mind you brush my hair 
you did it once,did it all

No shame I won't make a judgement 
Don't stray I'm here your opposite direction

I would mind you stay in bed 
Coz you did it all, all time 
I would mind you act heavy 
you did it all, all time

This is tiring 
still, Can I be yours for a day 
a day..

way I see it, yes we're odd to be 
Way I see it, ooh I like it here..

          Crying while play all songs of Stars and Rabbit :")

          Btw, I just heard that kak Claradevi help Stars and Rabbit to make the video-clip(s). Really ...can't wait to have the cd. Love 'em :')



          Been almost a year together and spend a few minute to make it surcease. Some of us believe we aren't old enough to understand about love, being together and live with someone besides us, everyday. Send a morning-till nite text everyday, reminding us to do important things, spending time together, asleep-calling, take lots of photos, imagine something impossible, angry, happy, romance, sadness, difficulties etc. But I, I try to understand all the things in life. About love, too. 
         Why people still yelling that love is blind? Why? For sure, I agree with the statement that 'Love is blind', but it doesn't matter at all. For me, the most important thing about love is yaaa is love. Love ...noone can describe it. Noone define it. You can feel it. Yes you just able to feel it. How awful if someone describe a 'Love' as a 'blablabla ...'with-long-words' yet they can't prove it.
          And it's really hard to find someone who really love us and we really love them back. It's.... hard. Which is more difficult ...again... yes ..when we try to preserve that. Moreover, one of us is ..give up. When I start to feel really comfortable to lean on his shoulder, he suddenly shift and go ...leave me fall.. alone. If people tell me that I'm stupid enough to believe all of your beautiful lies, so what? I have Allah with me, with us. It wasn't a mistake (second mistake) .I'm waiting you, Mr. InnerCircle. Make a better life. Surely, you can do it. You sketchs every little things in your mind. I knew you understand all my mind. You have to move :')


You and I

          Here, the first time we took photos in a box-thing called 'photobox'  ...i love i love hihi :D

A: "Ay aku pengen liat The Avengers ..yang 3D"
Me: "Yaudah ayo deh, tapi jam 3 aku dbl"
A: "Nanti langsung aja nggausah mandi"
Me: " *sigh* *berangkat* "

           Unexpectedly, when I entered the cinema and will queue the tickets, there's a voice ..yelling my name. And I'm looking for the sound source and tuuuuuurn it's Tita! She's my bestfriend, we have no seen for many months. We hugged each other and my boyf took photos of us too. 

          I love The Avengers and Dark Shadows so badly! AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME. I'm a lil' bit late watching that movie but it's not problem at all. I'm a huge fans of Robert Downey, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L.Jackson, Johnny Depp, Chloe G Moretz etc. U GUYS ROOOOOCK!!!! 



The Endless Wishlist #Giveaway

          Hi! Have you heard about 'The Endless Wishlist Giveaway' by Nixie Pirena? Yes, she is doing it and want to give a shopping voucher for 2 winners as big as Rp 250.000 or $25 at JuneandJulia. And this giveaway open for Internationally too. It's a simple way if you want to join her giveaway. Just click this and follow the instruction. Go enter the link before you late, guys. I'm joining too, wish me luck! :D

           Here I give you a preview about JuneandJulia's aaweeeesome-shoes collection :)

Glitter Gold

June and Julia x Sonia Eryka
Black Faux Leather with Silver Wedge

June+Julia x Elle&Jess Yamada
Brown Faux Leather Platform Oxford



National Skateboarding Championship #1

          An another-unforgettable Sunday morning, this morning my boyfriend text me and asked me to go to have breakfast porridge at Wilujeng Sumping. I really crave for it -____-. Then, my sister text me and ask us to accompany her attending National Skateboarding Championship #1.This is AH-MAH-ZIIIIING !!! I think this is the first time I see an event like this.
           And the skaters are so cool, man. They came from various cities such Jakarta, Jogjakarta, Semarang, Bali, Balikpapan, Pacitan etc and there's a boy named Adam from Malaysia too.
           Thanks to Piero , I've got the goodie bag. I won the quiz hahahaha :D
            The Result:
     -Piero Nation Skatecomp Amateur Winners: 1. Sanggu [my favs, he's so cute, damn :' ], 2. Samid, and 3. Bayu SG
     -Piero Nation Skatecomp Best Trick Contest Winners: 1. Adam, 2. Pevi Permana, and 3. Firman Endo.
     -Piero Nation Skatecomp Pro Winners: 1. Pevi Permana, 2. Rino Herman, and 3. Adam.

          Once again this event is so great, badly I can't attending series 2 ....of course :( .Hope I can meet with you all again someday and I can learn one or two about skate-trick. Success guys :)


[Under 15th from Jakarta, charming :') ]

[Lalang, 5 years old from Pacitan]

[Sanggu,11 years old from Bali]

[Tugu, the local boy from Solo]

   Photographer: Me, My Sister and My Boyf :)
Location: Ngarsopuro, Solo Jawa Tengah
Edited by me.


Where Have You Been

          Since my chairmate atay is a huge fans of Rihana, I start to know everything about this well-known woman. And I love this music video .....got the beat .... all my liiiiiiifeeeee :D

PS: I've for about 3 or 4 videos about behind the scenes of 'Where Have You Been'-music video. Crazyyy!