Sweet Rockie!

             Hai, there .. i just finished to complete my school activities, the result of my exam was given, not too bad there's an increasing i thought hahaha. Now, i get a super-holiday! 2 weeks, eeem no no ...almost 3 weeks :D no school yeeey *gettin'excited* *party*. I'm doin' a re-construction of my store, MATCHLESS. I'll be more focus, yes! Just waitin' yup.... :)



Peace-double-ring: Cheapood Onlineshop 

 Regards, Fegha Fannissa Dyananto 

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Rolling In The Deep

        Good evening.. what are you doing right now? Watching the soccer match between Indonesia and Malaysia? Wopsaaaaaaah!! with whom? your friends? your family? your boyfriend? or maybe alone? hihihi not problem with whom you watch that match but the most important is you keep support and pray so that your idol team will win! Agree? And of course, I support my beloved country ... INDONESIA yeeey INDONESIA not ENDONESIA *LOL*
Back to the main problem (oh no am i look so serious?) ..i'm totally confused about something that i couldn't mention it. I just thinking why did this happen .. i always try to stay in my 'positive thinking-area' but sometime (and often) it doesn't work as well as my 'negative thinking-area' work ..seriously :(
For sure, I need someone who can give me support, divides me his/her/their time for me, swap stories, watching movie ....aaaaaaaa at any rate they right next to me in every time i need them.
I was disappointed with someone, i don't know why he/she suddenly behave like this. HAHAHA:( :( :( :( :(
If could i would ask Allah to give me a chance to know the hearts of every person so ...ah STOP :'(
Nicht traurig sein, Feghaaaaa! *cryyy*

P.S: Dear, someone. I am very grateful about our meeting, but why you do the things that you should not to do. I love you. :)

"We could have had it all,
Rolling in the deep,
You had my heart inside of your hand,And you played it to the beat"


Yellowve You

I put a flower on my ear, baby...
Close my eyes, take a breath, listen my heartbeat...
And I hope you are in  front of me right now..
Do you hear?? I love you :)

When I opened my eyes...
I realized that you were not there, for me...
I smile, but i'm not that happy...
I just believe, one day you're there for me. Forever :')

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Fegha F Dyananto:
model, hair do, editing
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Refresh Mind

         Woooopsi, sorry i'm late to tell you about my departure. Yeay, i still remember i wanna greet you all in the next 2 days after i'm out of this town, but i got a hitch as usual (so sorry :( ). 1. I didn't get a good internet-connection, 2. I felt very-super-duper tired with my school-works and ......3. I've too many pictures on my vacation, so i had to choose which one i'll post to my blog. And ...here it is ..

So, my departure is .....camping with ESOTO!!!!!!!!! we got a holiday (no-school) on Monday and Tuesday. Yes!! MONDAAAAAAAY. It such a blessing no school at that day. We decided to go on Sunday 'til Monday so that we can take a rest on Tuesday and prepare to back to school on Wednesday. Emmmmm -___-
Really, i got my-superb-short-holiday with lovely friends, a very comfortable place like heaven and with a very low cost. hihihi :)
I wish i could go back again with them. Someday!

Let's play... hide and seek ...

Yaaaaay, i love all about knit. I got this sweater from my Mom, i also like the color. Warm and fashionable. My favorite! :)

Last second before back to home. One sentence...... 'beautiful scenery' :')

Maybe, that's all about the story of my vacation with my friends. I hope, someday, when i get back there the situation is not different ...i mean that the weather stays cool and comfortable. It's fitting to calm my mind there. Allah, please take me back there again, as soon as possible with my boyfriend hahahahaha lol.

P.S : If you want to see the other pictures, visit my Facebook on Fegha F Dyananto !!!
Bunch of love, muaaaaaaaaah :*


Daaaaadaaaah ..

Haaaaai, i'm about to out of the town. See you in the next 2 days later :) *smooooch*


Ju-ichi Pinky

           People say that today is a special day, I don't know the spesific one but I conclude that was because today ... November, 11 2011. So we called with 111111 (triple eleven). Eeeem, right?  A beautiful combination of numbers!!! Many people held their wedding party, give birth and also 'in relationship' today, some thought that this day was a blessing. Do you think so, guys? Personality, i thought that today was just an ordinary day ...yaa like usual. There's no something special, just like my normal life ..but the best moment on this day is ..when during gym class!!!! ... I played football with my friends, whereas i didn't knew how to play the game. I'm serious! we just kicking kicking .....and laughing.. hahahhaha unforgettable moment in my life, so much fun to have friend-time together with you all ESOTO ...niteeeey ... HAPPY 11-11-11 :)


after my friend's (17th birthday) pinky party, so much fun :)

Knitted top: Cache-Cache
Skirt: DIY
Tight: Unbranded


Blurry Smile, B

        Hi, guys ...how was your life? it is cool? congrast :) ..Maybe, i'm the one person in this world who can't deal with any incidents on this month, November :''
Esp..Yesterday, November 8, Blonde my monkey, was passed away. He sick since sunday morning :(
I didn't buy him at pet shop ..No, i didn't ..i got it from mom. Mom gave me a monkey as gift at my 15th birthday. Oh, God .. i won't tell you more about him. I was not able to say any more, tell you how my closeness to him. Now, i just want him come back to me and i think it's something that's not likely to happen.
Allah, please ...put him into the most beautiful place, called 'heaven' cause i believe that my brother (Fuad) will take care of Blonde, with love!!

"Hi Blonde, how r u? i hope we can meet again on the other side , see you soon ..."

Mom: "hi dear, what happened? don't cry anymore. Blonde safe with ur brother. Go get ur food."
Me: "sure? yes mom :'( "

Blonde :)


Tons of Love,
Warmheart, Fegha
I Love You, Blonde :)


Learn(ing) From The Past

         Everybody talk. Everybody heard. Everybody feel. Everybody think. Everybody move. It is life. There is differences, competition, or whatever. Everybody has their own opinion, perseption, trick to survive. In life, we ought to face-to-face with many people, billion people, a lot. We meets up everyday with the same people and sometime meet with the new one. Something that forces us to be able to learn, understand(ing) the character of each person. We don't know yet about their characteristic before we close with them, right?
And I always remember at a proverb says : "Dont judge someone by it's cover" .Maybe, if I could chage or add the word, that word will be something like : "Dont judge someone by other perseption, opinion. Feel it by yourself".
Currently, many people are affected by the opinions or words of another people, they just believe it. I did, yes I did. Am I ashamed? No!! A big NO. I'm not feel ashamed, actually I learn from that. Learn how I should respond at something. Learn how I can be grown in a unique place, a unique 'environment', a unique world. I learn about everything in life.
A friend is one of the example, HOW CAN I MANTAIN A GOOD RELATIONSHIP EVEN THOUGH HE/SHE IS SOMEONE WHO IS CONSIDERED EVIL? How? Am I need to stay away? or hate? I think I don't have to be so. I try to make a good relationship with everyone. Make them better. Maybe with that way I'll have plenty of friends and live in peace.
I love all of my friends. The old and the new one. I love them. Sorry for my mistakes. I ever (really) hate you. Please assure me that you guys are the best for me ....please :)
Be better for you all guys.

Sylvana (17) Surprise Birthday Party (from CROSS, her Boyf and Aulia) :

L/R : Vero, Sammy, Atay, Krisna, Mboik, Ajeng, Ochi, Aje, Ronni, Me.

L/R : Sammy, Ajeng, Aje, Mas Timih, Mboik, Sylvana, Ronni, Krisna, Vero, Me, Ain, Ochi, Atay, Rizky, Riski

Ronni, Ajeng

L/R : Riski, Rizky, Aje, Me, Aulia

Me & Aulia

GNite, all :)


Off Duty

          Ohayo Gozaimasu. I'm free, i mean i just stay at home. No school, no homework for three days, it is such a boon for me. My plan : clean my room (as usual, my room getting dirty after I've got test. Books, paper, bag are scattered everywhere :$  ), rent movies that I had never see, buy new magazine of Gogirl!. Btw, i'm looking for new movies, eeem they are ...Rise of the planet of the apes and Colombia. I hope them to begin in Indonesia immediately. Can't wait :(

Pink-tank : Season
Long Cardigan : Zara
Skirt : Unbranded
Semi clogs : Dept. store

I love doing make up even though i did not have knowledge about it. Still in the process.
Have a nice day, all :)


(RIP) Bp. Suratman, S.Ag

           I'm back, after watching Captain America with A, Sorry I won't give the review for now, but it's such a gorgeous movie i ever seen. Just waiting for my next post about that, okay :)

          Just bought the tickets, watching the movie with happy feeling and suddenly,  in the middle ..I got text from my bebsii Nia, she told me that our religion teacher when we was in first grade just passed away. What? passed away?? I thought she just delirious at that time  'are you serious?? :( ' i replied. I have no patience for waiting about her answer, try to text all of my friends, they didn't reply, maybe they had bed. And yes, Nia told the truth, the truth that my religion teacher, Bp. Suratman passed away ... i do not know why i'm trembling, suddenly. Feeling so lost so loooooooost !! :( . That news was like a lightning on a beautiful night to me. I couldn't believe it. I'm serious, i'm speechless. Allah, is that just fast like this? it must happened today??do you hear me? i talk to You , i knew You never wrong but it is too fast :((
All moslem student in my school know him so well. He is funny, wise, talkative, kind, friendly, good imam etc. I know, the fact that i do not so close to him but i learning from him, his songs, movies, pictures about Islam really must to learn by all people. He gave messages to his students to save their money so that we can go to Mekkah together, keep pray, respect to family, friends and many more. Oyaaa, he ask all of moslem-woman to wear a veil, right? I hope i can do it asap. You are great, sir. I love you, i'll always remember you all along my life. I still have your pictures when you wore full-beskap, when you back to office after pray ,I saved it in my phone. I miss you, Sir! Hopefully we can meet (again) in another side :')
Here, condolences from your students :
-Aj! : Selamat pagi! hari pertama libur setelah mid dengan duka kehilangan guru tercinta , selamat jalan sir , semoga diberikan tempat terbaik ☹
-Anin : Semoga Pak Suratman tenang di sisi اَللّهُ, orang baik pasti mendapatkan tempat yang baik, amin :)
-Mbak Sita :  Im glad for pak ratman, he is now in the best place of the universe.
-Mbak Yudita : "Baca surat An-Nur ya mbak... Are you moslem? Pake jilbab ya nanti tambah cantik ☺" - Pak Ratman
-Fila : subhanallah, waktu liat buku kenangan tahun 2010 cuma pak ratman yang fotonya senyumnya menyenangkan :')
-Bayu : Libur kali ini membawa duka bgt, Allah kasih kita waktu buat layat beliau subhanallah bgtu bnyak yg melayat beliau. beliau memang orang yg baik. Insyaallah beliau qusnulqotimah :')
-Tissa : Inalillahi wa'inailaihiraji'un. Rest In Peace our beloved religion teacher in Smaga, Bp. Suratman. We will miss your 'wo aini cing cing fa' sir :')
-Sawung : Look at him, guys.. Look at the smile, so peacefully.. a good man must be in a good placed too. goodbye.. :')
-Pradita : nggak pernah nyangka, secepet ini pak Ratman pergi :( semoga amal ibadahnya diterima disisiNya, amin (˘̩̩̩.˘̩ƪ) 
*guru kesayanganku di SMA pergi satu persatu :( mulai dari bu Ndari, sekarang pak Ratman :(*
-Lia : SMAGA in mourning, we loss the best religion teacher in the world :"
selamat jalan Bp. Suratman, beri beliau tempat terbaik disisiMu ya Alloh
sungguh petuah bapak kami genggam selalu, wo aini cing cing fa - do you know what islam is - semuaa pak (˘̩̩̩⌣˘̩ƪ)
-Sylvana : Rest In Peace Mr. Suratman :'''') so many memories he made at X6 T.T
-Me : Innalillahi wa innalillahi raji'un. Telah berpulang ke Rahmatullah, Guru, Ayah kita Bp. Suratman, S.Ag (Guru Pendidikan Agama Islam SMA N 3 Surakarta). Semoga khusnul khotimah ya Allah. I adore you, Sir!! I'll always remember you. Selamat jalan :")
-Anggi : Ya Allah, baru kemarin hari Sabtu di tanya pak Ratman "are you muslim? Where is your jilbab? Sudah saatnya, kamu sudah dewasa" selamat jalan pak Ratman:')
-Jesida : ah aku pengen nanges ini gimanaa, tak pikir cma mimpi pas mama bilg pak ratman udah nggak ada, ee ternyata beneran :(((((((((((((((


Song by him :')
-Do you know what Islam is ? Islam is the way life of Islam, Islam is the way of life for everyone. A way of life, a way of die, a way of thing a way of love. Islam is the way of life for everyone 
-Bila izroil datang memanggil jasad terbujur di pembaringan, seluruh tubuh akan menggigil seluruh badan kan ke dinginan - Alm. Bpk Suratman.

Sorry I post this news without his photo, I can't :( May you all check my facebook page.
Selamat Jalan, Pak :)


Giveaway by IdekuHandmade

        Haaaaaaaai Dear!!  I'm done with the mid-term test, let me take a rest for a while. And yayness! I'm scared all the time about the result that will be distributed next week. Please, please, pleaseee all of you to pray for me. I did my best, for sure!! :')
Open my pc, browsing from one web to another, found cool article, photos and etc.. then I found a cute blog by Idekuhandmade too. I don't know they organize a giveaway to this month. I've seen about the provisions and I think it's simply enough. So, I decided to join it. You just need to defines the meaning of  'CRAFT' by yourself! It is simple, right? want to join too? just click!

Here, the prize. Wish me luck yay!



The Phase

          Day to day, week to week, month to month. I can passed it, I made it. Now, I feel it. A phase which I know, I'm sure.. i"ll pass it. Something that i won't pass now. I always ask to You, so that it comes to me at the right time. Is it now? Why? I'm (not) strong enough to stem tears. Despite the fact that all that exists is the best way to me, I ask you one more time, once again .. eeem NO i mean a thousandth time : Allah, give me strenght, patience, faith, maturity to get through all. Thankyou for the opportunity You gave to me ..to be part of 'the best' from me. And teach me how to be Yours. I love You. :)

taken from wehearit


Smoking Signs

      Yey, I've completed the test for today. Geography and Javanese. A lil' bit nervous, I was sitting right in front of the supervisor.
      (A) pick me up today. When i'm waiting for him, I saw one of my teachers smoking ..yes smoking. I really hate it. And something that makes me more hate hate hate is ..he (my teacher) was smoking in school area. You know?? SCHOOL AREA. Is he stupid? dumb? fool? or dull huh? The signs is clear, written with alphabet, bold, and black. "NO SMOKING IN SCHOOL AREA" . He ought to be an example for his students, right? but what he had done, doesn't reflect an instance. That's extremely BAD !!


No Spirit

      Monday 26 September until 03 October, i"ll join the middle test. Facing with 14 kinds of subject. Allah, please give me more spirit, high hopes ..and more than 24 hours/day. I really need it. Sincerely, your fanatic fans :'

Wish me luck .. Amin :)

My Birthday .. 16 ♥♥♥

Heeey, sorry for this 'extra-late post' about my birthday. Yes! my birthday falls on 20 September. First, i thought that my birthday was just gonna be like usual, just got surprise from my little family. But, i'm totally wrong! night before my birthday, i slept at 11 p.m, i decided to sleep cause A did not reply my text, feel so bored at that time, whereas he prepared a surprise for me, i don't know bout that hhihi. He came at 12, but i still sleep. There's no people open the gate for him, so he back home. Yaa, maybe this is just a failed surprise for me, but i still happy! totally happy ))):))) . About 00.30 ,dad and my sister open my door-room, singing 'Happy Birthday' for me and gave gifts too..eem without mom, this is the first time mom can't accompany me at my birthday, she still at other city to finish her work. When i blowing my 16 birthday-candles, i feel so happy, so grateful .. i can't write my feeling.. i'm crazy happy :')

Got lots of birthday-greeting, via bbm text twitter facebook, i read it, said 'Amin' then reply it one-by-one. Entered my school, met all my friends, they greet me with 'hey feghaaa, happy bithday yaaa' ....whatta nice morning greeting. I hug my friends :* . After last lesson, i charge my phone on my teacher's desk at the same time i reply my chats. And guess! I've got suprise ..again!! from CROSS (XI IPS II), they gave me two birthday cake with 16 shaped of candles on it. Aje gave me a gift. I'm speechless :') . Next, i go home, my bestie Nia text me where i am at that time, she ask me to open my gate ..i did. Again! surprise agaaaaain!!!!! Nia Kintan Franda Ronny gave me surprise ..a birtday cake and gifts, they brougth eggs, flour and overflow it on my head... -____- . Wash my hair till four times you know ..
Hans and Agung came to my home too.
So, thanks ..big big big thanks for all. I love you all guys. For God.. totally, I adore You! You're the biggest, numero UNO!!

Warmheart, Fegha Fannissa :*

From mom dad and sister

From Mardatilla B Khadiffa

Franda, Nia, Me, Kintan and Ronni


Aulia Ahmad Azzahari :)

How cool!! My friends was added something on their bbm-display name

aaaaaa ...still have lots of photos, but i can't post it all.
Tons of love , I LOVE YOU ALL ♥♥♥



    Entrepreneur ..be young-entrepreneur. This is one of my billion-desire. My teacher said that he want to see ..me, my friends be an entrepreneur. "You can if you want, do it". He was inspiring me. Bismillah :')
Bad, A got sick and he didn't go to school  today, hope he will be fine as soon as possible. Amin

Just woke up, this barong shirt is so comfy .. i have three pieces ..and the purple one is from A hihhi :$


Gorden Warteg

      Yey, it's time to blogging again. :D Alhamdulillah udah masuk hari ke-2 masuk sekolah. Trus? Pertama, tiap malem sambat melulu, texting juga ngga lancar karena masi megang tugas. But, Allah emang super!! Senin Selasa jadwal super padat tugas, ulangan pagi, ulangan harian blaaaaah... ngga ngerti kenapa tapi yaa Alhamdulillah masih lancar. Ngga seribet pikiranku :D .Alhamdulillah lagi, akhirnya ketemu Aje :'), bisa cerita sepuasnya, ketawa" bareng juga. Hari ini total lah ketawa dikelas karena si dea atay, konyol emang. I love it, loveeee it!!

Short weird-conversation with my ex-classmates (Wisnu&Melly), i met them after class today.

W: Haloooo fegha ...
F: Eh, yaaaa duluan ya udah dijemput nih
W: Okee..
M: Ini juga poni kaya' gorden warteg, ngebelah-belah hahaha
F: Biarin ..belum keramas tau' -______-

*Oya, ngebelah yang dikata bukan belah tengah gitu, but ngebelah yang segelintir" gitulah. Disgusting banget :(


Talk To Me You Us

  I wrote this post on Saturday night and I publish it on Sunday morning, yaa nothing to do again. 'A' told me for watching movie in his pc after i finish my course, but he can't because his mom suddenly come to Solo to meet him. So i open my pc, start to browsing, reading online magazine, editing photo, eating and texting with him :$ ..hihi another 'something must to do' to spend Saturday night, right? Ohyaaa, 'A' is my friend in junior high school, yaa we ever close before we meet again now ...i don't know why, my friends think that we are in a realitionship, we're still friend and single (for now) ..I always says like that because what? Yup, because i don't know what will happen in the future ..avoid to say 'No'.
I wanna tell you about ...life. Start from.. my friends. Many from them changed. I confused to start this. I feel like they became a monster. Example, 1) They got problem with someone and never try to solve it with 'face-to-face' but post it on their personal social networking. Then, they be enemies. I always think like this 'it's better to solve your problem than publist it' ..is it right?? :)
2) My friend is in a realitionship with my " another friend's ex-love  " ( A+B = In a realitionship, next broke up . Then, A+C = In a realitionship ) ..do you get that??  ..after that, A posting on social networking like this " lalalla just put my ex ...i don't need it again ...hahahha my ex" . Whaaaat are you serious to post it? Please, be mature .. you are 16, not 10 again guys :)
3) Following the new habit so that people know who they are is. So pathetic ...
Eeeeem enough for this section, just wait for the next ... I'm sleepy :$$

Ohayo Gozaimasu :D


After School Day 1

   Konnichiwa ..finishing school-ceremony at 8.15 and then ...go home. Little bit weird but yeaah it's my school. Based on the rules, my school start the lesson from next Monday 12 September 2011. Just try to save my extra-energy, because there will be lots of homeworks, test, morning test, extracurricular. May Allah give me spirit for life hahahha ...Hope the "new year-holiday" come early :(
Me and my sister want to meet and discuss about our project. Wish us luck yaa. Amin YaRabb :)

+ note : So sorry for my random laguange and my bad grammar that i used to. Yes, my English not fluent but i try to learn learn and learn. Smooch :*

My Japanese task.. already done ,yey!!

 haahahha... look!! my bestie just send me a really really early birthday-greeting *laughing*

Me and Kintan