My Own-Store

Peeps, forget to post about my store on Gogirlmagz's website, am made it maybe about 5 months ago, because so very busy i can't manage it. Hopefully i can manage it better for soon yaaaa. Let's see it, shall we hahahaha :) (my store is new so there is just 14 items, but i've Shop-Group on bbm you can join and see the other stuff) Enjoy iiiit,

and this is my store, pleace check ..  :)

To enter Matchless Shop, just click  (this) :)


Mini Party

People says that monday is a busy day, me says like that too, but last night is'nt occured for me. H asked me to accompany to his friend mini party, i'm glad to hear that because a long time i don't meet him, so i think that this is a chance to meet. At 5 p.m i go to H's house. Because we really missed each other, we talking, laugh, and take a lot of pictures. H i'm sorry bout scratch ur hand :(

Bone Necklace (Malioboro)

Today, i start to packing hihihihi allright insyaallah i"ll spend this holiday with mom,dad in Bandung, Allah bless me yaaaa :)


Happy Birthday Dad :D

Yipiiie, today is a good day. 27th of June 2011 my dad blowing his 57-birthday candles.Last night me, my sister and mom gave a mini-surprise for him.Oyaa, my dad ordered if he birthday, he don't like a cake birthday because still in the diet process, so i decided to bought mini meat-cake and chocolate-ball, he's very excited.Btw, my wish(ing) list for him is : Allah bless him, always healthy, longevity and long last with mom, hihihi. It's just so simple right :))



Meet the Lacey

it's just still holiday and i'm feel bored all the time,  i open my pc and try to search whatever, some pictures, promo tickets, clothes, songs. Until i found online shop named "Phoskinny Shop", i looked all the stuff and got a white-lacey dress with cheap price, this is it ...

 White lacey dress-Phoskinny Shop, Belt-Mom's

Let's Start Again

whatsuuuup!!!, i'm back beees, yes come back again hihi. this is my 1st time continue again my post. yes, i'm new on blog so now i''l trying to post everyday (if i can, actually).
my exam was past and the result is good, sooooo now i'm second grade in senior high school. eeeeem SOCIAL-CLASS , yeeeeeey !
bad news! in the midlle of my test, my boy got accident, that's so bad because his left-hand broke :(