Eid Mubarak ♡♡

 Assalamualaikum wr, wb. For all moslem in the world, "Happy Eid Mubarak 1432 H". Minal aidin wal faidzin. So sorry for all mistakes i ever made.



In Blue

    Today, i start my holiday. H-3 before 'Lebaran' ,prepare all the things ..clean my room, home and pet's house. Too tired but i feel so happy. Spending my awesome Saturday night, just sitting on my bed, browsing 'tiil my eyes ached. No text (again and again), no chat, just mentions and direct message from D :)

Here, i'm falling in love with 'blue' ..i don't know why ..this is just like falling in love at first sight. And i try my new-eyeliner-with-blue-colour in it . Any comment? :$

Outwear - Mom's 

Me .. want this :

 from weheartit


Stay Chung

    I've got 'to-do-list' with D. Hope we can reach that together. Can't wait post something about us.
You know ... i need spirit to go to school. It's suck when other school is start their holiday but my school is still full of lesson.

I don't know why Alexa Chung (as one of my idol) has a superb style. She looks stunning on every appearance. God, may i meet her for a moment? She's toooo cute ...

 (those picture taken from Google and weheartit)
 If you guys one of her fans .. click this ..

Ohayo Gozaimasu! 


Are You Serious?

   Last night, my ex just visited me. Talking about new crush and did silly things. We've broke up, but still in a good realitionship as bestfriend :)

F : gimana menurutmu dia?
H : yaa ikutin kata hati, semoga ngga kaya dulu :)
F : I did, Amin


Photos :




Why? ...Again

       Saturday night, after hanging out with someone who never meet with me for 2,5 years. Get that? yes 2,5 years. No face, no text, no call, nothing. Suddenly.. come to me, again. Watchin' a movie, talking, laughing, took a lot of photos, and etc. Feel the fire again again and again! Superb Happy! ...amin

"Rencana Allah ngga pernah terlalu cepat atau terlalu lambat, pas ...tepat. :') "

Soundtrack: How Deep Is Your Love - The Birds & The Bee ,





      Selamat Ulang Tahun yang ke-66 INDONESIA tercinta... ngga bisa berkata-kata lagi kalau denger cerita sejarah menuju kemerdekaan Indonesia tanggal 17 Agustus 1945, satu kata ... AWESOME!
Harapan yang paling diharapkan : 'Dunia ini tenteram damai beserta penghuninya sejahtera' . Dan harapan lainya eem Indonesia menjadi bangsa yang jauh lebih baik dari tahun-tahun sebelumnya.
Oyaaaa, wajib jadi tradisi dong sekolah di Indonesia ngadain lomba buat memperingati hari kemerdekaan 'kita', termasuk sekolahku SMA N 3 Surakarta yeeeee... mulai dari lomba kebersihan ruang kelas, pralon basah, estafet, panjat pinang dan PPS (Putra Putri Smaga), for thumbs deh buat para anggota osis yang udah kerja mati-matian bikin event ini ..ennn guess what ... kelasku ( XI IPS 2) menang lomba kebersihan ruang kelas, sedih sih jd juara ke-dua tp bangga juga udah ngalahin ampir 30 ruang kelas yang lain, mungkin hadiahnya ngga seberapa tp bangga bgt perjuangan pas bikin 'sesuatu' bareng saudara sekelas itu ada hasil yang memuaskan ..tambah megang kata-kata 'berakit rakit ke hulu berenang renang kemudian' deh. I TRULY INDONESIAN :')

Photos :

Teks Proklamasi Kemerdekaan Indonesia (taken from Google)

Saat Pembacaan Teks Proklamasi Kemerdekaan Indonesia. (taken from Google)

from Me to Indonesia :)



Nobody's Perfect

       You all might agree with this statement " NOBODY'S PERFECT ", so do I. I (really) believe that there's no one perfect in this world. So, it's impossible someone never make mistakes, if you do something wrong with other you must say sorry and try (+promise) to don't make the same mistake again. But, you must remember that the mistake you have done to someone it's not always make a bad/negative impact for u and other.

#NP : Nobody's Perfect - Jessie J --> GREAT! :')


Photos :

Me, Aje 


Welcome Home ..

        Today is Saturday, at 04.30 a.m i picked my sister up at station. That's right .. my sister just go home right now , we missed each other. She bought me something and i''ll post it soon ya :)

Bird Clock Necklace-Online-Shop

Grey Cordorey Pants - Anty Beauty

Oyasuminasai :)


Super New ..

        Hay fellaaas, so sorry just got a chance to post right now. First, i just wanna say  "Happy Fasting" for all moslem who celebrate it, and yes i'm moslem too hehhe. Then, it's a big big good news about my new (social) class, i met with a looot of (new) friends with new experiences too. I also got new problems ..eeem a lot of problems, but yeaah i trying to solve my prombles. I don't know where it is began from but Alhamdulillah Allah still give me power for that. The another good news just came from my sister, yes she told me will go home on this friday... can't wait for that! :D

Watchin' school's theater (Wow ada Setan) : Ronni, Me, Kintan :)

Late dinner at Shi-Jack Kobar, Solo. Happy!