Every human, since they were born must have been taught about good things and how they live with a good way of life in the world. They should keep it until they grow up and eventually die.

          Therefore, they have to try to appreciate every person in this world. Yet before that, they ought to self-respecting as complete as they want to be respected. And in line with the process, they're required to be able to interact with others. Some elements of that interaction needs you to show how much you respect to others, how much you appreciate to others and also how your attitude works toward people around you.
          And once more time I say that it's not about how old are you, not about child, teenager or adult. We have a dose at the age of each of us about it. So, don't ever say that you aren't old enough to appreciate a person.

          Because, basically what you've done to others is something that will be happen to you in return. Everything that happens to you is a form of reflection about what you have done.

          Don't think that everything you have done will be just happen to you back. It can happen to people who you love the most in your life.
          My mom always warn me about it, and I always try to implemet it in my life everyday. It's one of the things that I cerish in this life.
          That's why I always try to do it. I have one determination ... " Always try the best for all people regardless of who they are before ....."

With love :)




Monday to Celebrate

         This is just a post about my latest daily outfit. Had a super cozy dinner with family and got surprise from my boyfriend. Today is our '3rdmonthsversary', I was mad because he did not text or call me yet and BOOOM! he came to my house and brought me a dozen of ice cream. Surprise!!!! Bunch of love, Aulia :)


T-shirt : (vals-gift from my sister)
Jeans : Unbranded
Canvas bag : Horow
Wedges : GOSH (bday-gift from my sister)


I'm OK

          You have time for happy. You have time for rejoice. You have time for sad. You have time for 'combine-feeling'. You have time for 'regular-feeling'. You have time for nothing ......and yes you have a time where you feel so blue but you don't know the reasons that made you feel so down. And sometimes, there are times when you just feel so 'nothing', you kinda want to tell it to someone that you trust the most but you did not. Silent in a thousand words. You want people to know your feeling without being told by you. I know, not everyone knows this feeling. But I'm sure that everyone has felt thing feeling, you feel nothing, you feel you want to share it, but first you don't know what you are going to tell and you decide just keep silent. All the time. I want to yell " I'm not OK for now, but I'm still OK "



          Like mother like daughter. That's my moto! Some people says that me and my mom are alike. Almost in every things we have in common, including our love for an object that attracts our attention at all times .... namely shoes. Yes! we really loves shoes, especially high heels. They makes us looks taller and also easily to shrink the stomach while walking at once. Calculated that we have more high heels than flat shoes. But mom hasn't allowed me to collect too many shoes. She said that the size of my feets are still growing. And I really hate about it, I hope (not) my shoe-size that growing but my high. Hahahaha. This pump shoes of Dollyschuh is from my mom. I love the colour and the package. Gonna wear it soon. Thanks mom. Loveable :)


Cooking Academy

          Yeay!! I'm back to my-lovely-blog. Feeling so bad I can't shared about my daily life here lately. The flurry of my school and poor internet connection are the mainly reason I'm not opened or even checked my blog.  But here I am, after passed the second mid-term test (yes, you know this is something that made I always wake up at 3 a.m to study again again and again and? ZONK :""" ). Me and the new 'Rumpik girls' are decided to execute our 'delayed-mission'........ that is .... COOKING-TIME :D
This mission was planned since a year ago btw. hahahhaha..... let's see it!!!!!!!!

          We set the date, divided the ingredients that we have to buy each person and met together in my house. I couldn't took photos for every step we did, why? because my hand and my body was full of flour and eggs. (iiiiiwww).  Just see the result! Looks yummmy, right??? hihihihi

          Then, we cleaned up my kitchen and started to gain weight with depleted up all the foods. YES! All! (I felt so full and want to go to bathroom to puke ... -____- ). Enough for this, and the end, this is the 'ritual' .. took photos. Going crazeeeeeeh.


          Today was extra blessed for me. Satisfy. Me love you so, all :)

(I'm not post all of the photos, just click and you'll find it) . See yaaa!