Hakuna Matata

          Got problems, bad day, feel sad over variety-things, found me awake mid-night and thinking about many things. Things I learned that makes me smile and sometimes I don't even realize:

1. Thankful Allah gave me problems, lot things I can learn from it.
2. Gratefully, have bestfriend(s)/the-closest whom I can share, and they give me their incredible-advices, give their opinions from all-sides, say if I'm wrong, shower me with a lot of spirits, love, attention, and quality time :')
3. Realize that our loved-one was and still a nice guy :)
4. Avoid make promises if you won't try to make it, it's better to prove.
5. Not easy to make a commitment, but don't afraid ...we'll appreciate every-little things to forwards.
6. Wait is ..........so?

         Whatever problems you face right now, whatever it is...share it. Share it with Allah, with someone you trust the most, share with your friends or anyone you want. You can't keep it alone. How big your problem is, face it with an open heart, a cool head, a warm hug, a good movie, whatever things...are fun, besides you trying to solve and fight for it. Don't stop, never to break up! :')


     Been so inloveeeee with this cool guy, Jack Frost :*
Jack Frost is the personification of frost and cold weather, a variant of Old Man Winter held responsible for frosty weather, for nipping the nose and toes in such weather, coloring the foliage in autumn, and leaving fernlike patterns on cold windows in winter. -Rise of The Guardians, 2012


*all picts from weheartit


First Monday My Holiday

         Yesterday was the first day my holiday starts. I just got a week for term-holiday, supposed to be two weeks. But since I as-student-with-three-strips, there was an extra-lesson to prepare the national examination. So, let me enjoy this. Without too much complaining. :')

          First thing I do after waking up in the morning (almost-always), checked where my phone is. Yeps, I always lose my phone, either fell, under my pillow or in my blanket. Though I didn't get a morning-text, I got a few incoming chats and I opened it. Zakky and Kintan chat me for many many many many times and PING!!!(s). Well, the night before they asked me to go somewhere, I don't even give an approval but they told they were already in front my house at 9am. -___- Then, they waiting a very-long-take-a bath-of me hahahaha *evil laugh*

          Surprisingly, they took me to another city, Boyolali. Nearly an hour, we arrived there. Traffic jam and superrrrrr hot day. *sigh*

Samudera, Zakky, me, Kinta, Krisna, and Giffery (as photographer)

         Arrived home at 6pm, took a bath and then come to my friend birthday, Hans. He held a dinner with some friends. I came with Aje, I couldn't stop telling her about him* and also, Aje tell me about him*. Finished, I and Aje won't back home first cause we still want to talk. So, we decided to walk, to go to stall-milk in VW-comby in front of the restaurant. 

          We shared, give-advice(s), tell-stories each other until we couldn't hold tears (*yes we girl*) and we reach home at 11.30pm  :'''''')
"there's no space for me to starts the convos"
"just like your quote, if he back he's yours forevers" "no, that was his quote. :')"
"forever is something called with an un-certainly thing, and relative form ourself"
"I never realize that things, called love could be this complicated and killing."
"miss him, everything just remains me." 
him*: mine and her.

I loves the last song movie, I watch for more than 10 times i guess. That's my favorite quote. May I cry? :')

from weheartit, miss.

"Selamat hari burung spesial."

Happy holiday,
Fegha Fannissa.


Body Stripe

Outfit post :)

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson is great. Likeyyy :)

Turban, Amanda Raisha
Match-printed cloth, Unbranded
Shoes, Bakti

Vintage Garden Party (Sweet 17th Birthday)

           Soooooo, welcome again all. After a long time save this post in my draft-posts, I managed to finish it without interruption the school-thingy :') *kiss please* hahaha ...Sorry for extra-photos here, think that ..sometimes photos talk much more than words yes?  Let's start :D 

Invitation :)
My friends signed the background which I prepared before they enter the room :D
Dad, me, my sister and mom. I love my family. :')
Nina, me, mas Okky and Tisna {}
Candle-lighters. Eight couple(s) love love love ..
Still asking why he become one of mycandle-lighters, huh? *confuse*
Blowing the candles :D
The first cake-piece, for dady :)
O: "first impressions about her?"
A: "brownieeeee"
O: "...sweet? :'P"
       In the mid-event, my mc told that there's something to be shown. It was from him and my bfriends ...I didn't know what was that. And .......it turns out ...this:

A birthday-greeting, stop motion video made by my six-best and big boy :')
The second thing that really really reallyyyyyyyyy surprised me after a surprise birthday the night of my birthday by them, too. I couldn't say anything ........speechless :''''')

After the video has finished played, I turn my body and ...............oh God, surprise ...again? :')
They gave me six-rose~
Btw, that was the first time this boy gimme a rose. I couldn't  stop laughing when seeing his face. Silly-face ...oh self -_____-
Dine-time, me and Ajeng Angelyta :*
Gave souvenirs and finger-light :D
Mba Miwa and mba Odi with the finger-light ...cool hihihi
With the DJ, Djaunk :)
Olla, ,me and the host mas Okky :D

        That's celebration of my 17th birthday, I prepared everything alone with my sister, even for the dress, I turned self-taught, I also did my make-up myself with a little help of my sister. Many thanks to Allah for the wonderful opportunity that night, my dream to gather in one place with all my friends who have never been in one place simultaneously realized, thanks to the families for helping to do everything without the help of event organization, thanks to my friends, bestfriends, big fams, dj, host who came and thanks to my boy and my bests for the surprises you gave to me, favorite and memorable, Indeed!!!!!!!!! :')))). I can't do nothing but say super thank youuuuu *group-hugs* {{{{((()))}}}}. May we all always in goodness, I love you, i love you all. Alhamdulillah ya, Allah ..thank for all the grace, thank for lent me them, thanks :")

He drive me home along my sister, and I told that why no stop by at kfc, I'm hungy ..he also:p
Mid-night and long queue, took picts :D

F: "...bunga-bunganya tadi diambil semua." :(
A: "yaudah gapapa kan?"
F: "bunga pertama dari kamu tau."
A: "hehehe yang penting kan memorinya."
F: "oiya yaaa :') *hugs*"

Happy saturday night, all
Fegha Fannissa.