My Own-Store

Peeps, forget to post about my store on Gogirlmagz's website, am made it maybe about 5 months ago, because so very busy i can't manage it. Hopefully i can manage it better for soon yaaaa. Let's see it, shall we hahahaha :) (my store is new so there is just 14 items, but i've Shop-Group on bbm you can join and see the other stuff) Enjoy iiiit,

and this is my store, pleace check ..  :)

To enter Matchless Shop, just click  (this) :)



lovepathie said...

hello dear, after read your blog. hope that your boyf get well soon ya. Anyway, nice blog. keep posting. VISIT mine yah http://simpleloveable.blogspot.com

The Matchless of Me said...

thanks a lot yah :), let me visit urs !!