Super New ..

        Hay fellaaas, so sorry just got a chance to post right now. First, i just wanna say  "Happy Fasting" for all moslem who celebrate it, and yes i'm moslem too hehhe. Then, it's a big big good news about my new (social) class, i met with a looot of (new) friends with new experiences too. I also got new problems ..eeem a lot of problems, but yeaah i trying to solve my prombles. I don't know where it is began from but Alhamdulillah Allah still give me power for that. The another good news just came from my sister, yes she told me will go home on this friday... can't wait for that! :D

Watchin' school's theater (Wow ada Setan) : Ronni, Me, Kintan :)

Late dinner at Shi-Jack Kobar, Solo. Happy!

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