Massive Crash

      'Life is like a spinning wheel'. That's a quote I always tried to instill in me. A day, maybe I'm in my super good mood, I've a lot of money, I've a story and share it. And in the other day, maybe I'm in my super not-good mood, I've no money in my purse and I've no story to be told. Like that. Well, we as humans don't know what will happen in the next time, next day, next hour, next minute ..no exception in the next second. So, the things that we have to keep are always try the best, treat others nice, and positive thinking. I really don't understand why some people aren't respect about others's feeling. They treat me/us like we're just nothing. Such they don't care if their words is really hurt eventhough it's just a joke or what else. I am so dissapointed of everyone who assumes that their joke are just 'truly-a-joke' and they don't care ...really don't care about others's feeling. The most thing I really feel so down is, with all of my faith I shared, I told my story, asked an advice to my bestfriend about my problem and they just gave me a good advice ...I mean that's the best point, the negative is (she/he) so happy to joking about my story. Sure, I really feeling down at the moment. They should know, if someone believes to share story or problems with them, they have to keep that secret, keep our feeling and others. Not vice versa! :')
I tell you, "I am a person who is not great at showing feelings." That's it.
Everyday I always try to keep smile, be nice and act like I'm just fine. Until now. I've noone beside me right know. You should know.
Those words so hurt me. You truly don't know what happened with me, right? Why you don't try to feel in my shoes before say something, do something, write something, type or even post something? :)
I just ask, and maybe me and you should thinking about that. Let's see how nice you treat others? Don't you want to treated nice by others too?
Good night, everyone! :')

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