Got It Mine

     There will be come, someday. You and your life gets contrary. When your heart say to keeps faith and the world seems so untidy. Words out and nobody knows what are you talking about. They look like ignore you from their eyes and all you will get is a sadness. It's like, you only talks with your heart easily. And when we are going to explain, and explaining from a big point until the details one, stills ..noone gets your point. And that time, you judge them as something 'Oh God please ...please understand without explanation again ...d*mn you!'. Then, you decided to force yourself not to tell about your feeling to everyone. That's when you and yourself like battle :') You only talks with yourself, crying and ask Allah for help. Doesn't you?
Can people just accept when we tell that we truly dissapointed? Can people just hear about every words we tell to them? Can people just give us time to explain something? Can people just remembering the little things they used to fight for? Someone said, "....well there will someone who used to fight for something and when they are already got what they want or arrived to their destination. Then? what do they have to fight for again ? They already got it. Got it."  First, I din't get that word and I thinking about that and yes gotchaaa! I got it :') I'm not so at that statement, but yes it's right ....sometimes. I still keeps my faith on everything I believe. That's it. No matter what happens, I keep my faith. Too much I know. :)

Magz Room at Monumen Pers, after school. Nice place :)

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