Painting Flowers

Strange maze, what is this place?I hear voices over my shoulder,Nothing's making sense at allWonder, why do we race?When everyday we're runnin' in circlesSuch a funny way to fallTried to open up my eyesI'm hopin' for a chance to make it alright
When I wake upthe dream isn't doneI wanna see your faceand know I made it homeIf nothing is trueWhat more can I do?I am still painting flowers for youI heard everything you saidI don't wanna lose my headWhen I wake upthe dream isn't doneI wanna see your faceand know I made it homeIf nothing is trueWhat more can I do?I am still painting flowers for youI am still painting flowers for you~


     First day of the second month of the year, right a month we didn't meet. There's no face-to-face and convos-things as we did before. Hey, how are you? Is everything goes well? I hope you're (always) in a great condition. Indeed now we're far ..apart but may I say something? I miss you, i really miss you! :') the only words that represent all my feeling about you. Do you feel it? do you feel if I missing you all the time? 

     Hehe ..maybe I don't need to mention them all, but do you know if try to remove 'you' from my mind is difficult? No matter how busy I am, tried to do many things more than usual, doing activities that ask me to think big, go out and having convos with other people. Well, I can put aside about your-things on my mind at that time, still in any gaps there're things that remind me of you. Things that aren't even considered important or people always pinning things about you in our convos.

     Before, I could take any time talking/having convos (my favs) with you, tell anything with details, share ideas, hopes, and of course ...dreams that other people told they're too high to be achieved. Share our contradict-thoughts hahaha I hate it, I hate when we try to mantain our own argument until our drink run out but I never really hate it, I miss those convos :')

     Waiiiiiit, I couldn't write all about us here. It will take pages and tears certainly unbearable and I couldn't studying for daily test tomorrow -____- 
     I know exactly the way we think is different. You ...interpret your words takes a (lil-bit) long time and need analysis while you need answer that satisfy you. But I'm confused. Forgive me if you think I just quiet and keep silent. I think. You also, right? thinking deeply about the things that we want to say but each of us want to be understood without explain first. Well, we're only human ....thinker(s) :")

     We both didn't feel it at the beginning yaps, farther, more we competed with our mind. I know you tired to face me. I understand. Sorry, I didn't understand why you feel you can't see what I feel. I act as normal as 'me' and I did the best I could.
     I don't know whether all can be fixed or not. If there's a way ..I hope heart still with me and enough to make it like it used to, or better than before.
     Blow away dreams, through all phases and share everythings that I can't keep it alone, with you. I miss and I need that things. Insane, I am.


‘But it seems there’s always something right there to remind me, like a silly joke or something on the t.v boy it aint easy.’ –P.S I’m Still Not Over You
‘I don’t know why I trusted you, but I knew that I could. I wonder if you have the same dreams too.’ –The Littlest Things.
‘But use your heart to see, just follow the beat the rhythm will lead you right back to me.’ –Casualty of Love.
‘falla_adinda: ‘When I need you the most and I can’t reach you toward anything; what are you doing?’
‘_FHMY: Mau ditulis berapa ratus halaman, isi bahasanya pake puisi atau apapun, intinya tetap sama, kangen.'
‘Adipati_: Karena move on tidak semudah membalikkan jemuran yang belom kering.’

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