Slam A Winner

     I'm going to scream, "Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay everyoneeeeee" haha finally, feeling so relieved after past few months and also four days of national examination were very stressful. I know i know, I shouldn't be too happy or feel free because the fight is not over buuuut I'm sure let myself free from school-thingy is not wrong. Well, started the day trying new things is fun yes?
 This time, we're bored with the monoton-activity. So, this is place where we go to relieve our boredom. Miss my childhood as always :'D

No, my face .....killing the mouse!

Seems impossible without LUCK ;p

Photographer: Aulia Ahmad Azzahari.
1. My outfit, 2. DJmax technika, my turn next time. 3. "You think your gun faster than my knife?", oh he's got crazy about the game. 4. YAY, we got it, tried this kind-of-game, and feeling no luck at all but he keep try try try and JACKPOT. I love red hello kitty btw, thankyouuu :)

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