Influental Hot & Cold

         Nowadays, hot and cold weather turns happen in one day. It's difficult to decide which clothes will I wear to protect myself from extreme-weather. I try to wear something that doesn't make me stiflingly hot but still bring something else if rain suddenly down.....

         and it's my grandma's mustard sweeter, I found it at my aunt's old-cupboard. Noone wear it so I asked to ...would be my favorite! :D

           I love hats, hat is one of my favorite stuff but this type of snapback is the first that I have. Thankyou very much mas Bagas for this Hallway Logo Snapback. Me and my boyfriend love it (he also likes to wear it hihihi), can't wait for the next collection ...he told that the snapback from peview-picture is soooo cool. :D


Logo Snapback, Hallway Apparel
Mustard Sweeter, Grandma's
Collar lace top, Gifted
Pants, Nevada
Lace sock, Payless
Oxford Docmart, Jeje C

Photographer: Aulia Ahmad Azzahari

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