Lapse 2

     I'm aware, I'm in position that doesn't allow me to much-move, to let-him-go or to convice as he said at the time. I know you're practicing to get out from this kind of zone. My mind is flying on various questions so I want to know the answer-, but I hold.

     Time has indeed responded that nothing else can be fixed although  my faith is still there we are'nt on the same line as before and what will happen in the next second, I don't know.

     I will not blocking his way to find who really he looking for, like now. Since (maybe) his feeling have changed, I felt compelled to stop. Even still with 'trying again'.

  Running out of words yet I want share something as well. 
  How I admit this is one of boon from Allah, has lent me, him. 
  A big-boy (completely beyond my guess), with him..I'm fully new in a story that we just done. I absolutely have no interest again (after our junior hi-school short-moment happened), buuuuuut all changed. Initially, I felt the same love story #ingeneral. But as time moves forward, I was introduced to your world. Remarkable!

     I remembered every single thing he have done me, I've done for him, for us..



dimas hananta said...

that's love actually, love it, live it, and learn from it..u're still young, wild, and free..do as free as you want.. let him take the other paths, and let yourself find your own paths.. keep it simple.. about the soulmate.. ask to Allah.. :D
just always remember, that something happen for a reason.. and about the memory.. make that memory is better than him.. long-lasting memories.. :D

The Matchless of Me said...

I'm on my way to let him go, I always try to realize that there is one thing I can not even doubt about, Allah's plan so I remember all things happen because Allah's plan. I will, merci dimas :)