Bigger Life

          Hi, I'm looking for the right words just to start this blog again after a hugeeeee break. I guess I lost my ability to pour all over this keyboard hahaha. Well, someone (an anonymous) threw me questions through my askfm account. He/she asked about why I'm not continue my blog. I'll answer it.
         First thing first, that I was so burdened with many tasks. My college is my second home, I could spend almost-a day there and the rest I use to do my individual tasks, group tasks and so on. But, my biggest reason was.... bustle myself to forget something. Yash, you all already know what I'm talking about rite? :p
         I broke up with my (ex)boyfriend a year ago, and that's not the point but yes that was "something" for me. I still remember about that day and the following days when I tried to calm myself, almost everytime. Until a day my mom asked me to go out and bought me what I want so I wouldn't be sad. Oh-my-God feelin' so yuckssss considering it! x'D
Then, I choose a backpack with travel-doodling on it. I'm falling in love with every details, the doodles greatly illustrates girl' power, suddenly I felt like "it's a new journey". That sounds lame yet right.
Since then I also have a lot of plans to get out from my sad-comfor-zone. I re-write new things I want to do, places I want to go, and etc on my phone.. so I would always read 'em and figure out how I can achieve those things.
        So far I can remember, those are:
-Join photo competitions
-Register myself and very friend of mine Nina to join English class at Pare for two weeks! (our first time aways from home for a long time but we made it SO PROUD hahaha)
-DIY (make pompoms, notes,DYED MY HAIR pink-blue-green-and ash etc)
-Trying new recipes
-Buy and read new books
-Adopt a cat yaaaaay.. I named him 'Muezza', he's so attractive like a tiger
-Continue my garage sale event and made a new online-store with my girls (check it on instagram @arteliersale)
-Traveling (Bromo, Surabaya, Bayuwangi, Bali-> I made it)
-Be a committee in big event (Must communicate and work with stranger, MADE it)
-Learning to drive for 2/3 weeks -> I made it, but failed then huhuhu I crashed my car :'))
-Me time (watching movies alone among other people who are dating, a big OKAY!)
and so on.
          So that's an outline of what I'm doing after that day. I'm soooooo happier than ever Alhamdulillah. I have much bigger things also embraced by everyone that I love and love me back. Got new crush in unexpected time anyway but I won't be too serious in advance, just close nothing more.

          And here a little chart about happiness project' book. It gave me such a rich sense of the diversity of people's experience:
-Forget the past
-Do stuff
-Talk to stanger
-Stay in touch
-Stop the venting and complaining
-Go outside
-Spread joy
-Never bother with people you hate
-Don't expect it to last forever. Everything ends and that's okay
-Stop buying useless crap
-Make mistakes
-Give thanks
-Create something that wasn't there before
-Be silly, be light
-Shit happens, count it
-Be loving and love will find you
-Let go, let God

        What's yours? leave me your charts in comment column or e-mail me.
         Nite! :)


Ron said...

Well, semoga kamu bahagia dalam menjalani hidupmu. :)

Cobalah untuk tetap menulis, karena gaya menulismu asyik :D

Shindy Farrahdiba said...

Nice blog! keep writing :)