What's In My Bowl

         From my yesterday gloomy-rainy-morning, I woke up early realized that it had been raining outside. Thing I love the most is I already filled my fridge with fruits, oats, and almond mylk :P so it only took me 5 minutes to check my phone out then I go straight for having my breakfast.

     This bowl consist of:
-Muesli (dried fruits), it's 69% cereal flakes (wheat, oat, barley, rye), dried fruits and seeds 30% (banana, linseed, sunflower seeds, date pieces, apple pieces, cornflakes and etc. Bought from Superindo
-Cavendish Banana
-Havermout Biscuit (mung bean)
-Raw Almond Mylk, bought from Elixir (Oh I wish I could find almond easily here, I want to make homemade almond mylk ssssh because it's a little bit pricey hehe)

-Pour 5/6 tablespoons muesli in a bowl
-Add fruits and almond mylk (skimmed-milk or plain yoghurt, your taste)

          The white-covered book is Monsoon Tiger and Other Stories by Rain Chudori, it tells the tale of loneliness and love (which I adore the most haha), contents eight subjects such as Smoking with God, Tamah Gajah, The Dollhouse, The Sancastle and so on. I got the first printing yayness!!!
So, these are my favorite combo... nice meal and book with great weather outside. Couldn't ask more.
What's yours?

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Have a smooth day,
Fegha Fannissa


Shindy Farrahdiba said...

This looks yummy!

Indian Sarees said...

Writing is wonderful, please add the images related with text.