Happy Holiday

     Everybody really love talks about their holiday, so do i, pep. I always feel "on fire" when talk about holiday. En, yay! this holiday i go to Bandung with dad, mom and sister. It's a big opportunity that i could spend my holiday with them, yes because dad and mom work at the same time and never stop to work work work, and my sister always busy about her job as radio-announcer and still school. Mom decided to put 'cuti' ( i dont know it's called what in english), so this is my happy holidaaaaaaaaaay yeeeeee , let me spread my loveeeey :D

Day 1 : Trans Studio Bandung, i'm glad after waiting fot the loooooong queue, really satisfied :')

i don't know why i'm so afraid but curious too to try this, called VERTIGO
although i felt a lil bit afraid, i can completed 3 vehicles, namely istana raksasa, vertigo and yamaha racing coaster ( the best, i think) :)
 for further infomation about TSB, just click @TransStudioBdng

with kak Odi' (sister's bestfriend) :)

Dinner at ZukiSuki Ei-Jie Korean, Paris Van Java for mom and dad 23th anniversary :')

The Last Day : Saturday Night at Lembang, so cooooold, i'm  freeziiiing brrrrrr

Blue tees-Pasar Baru, unbranded scarf

my sister and her 'es lilin' eheheh .... 

Kak Rizky, Me and Kak Odi' 

that's all pep, what do you think about my holiday? is it fun right? hahaha 
what about ur holiday?? don't forget to share that tooo yaa :)
Allah bless you, amiiiiin. 

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