Giveaway by IdekuHandmade

        Haaaaaaaai Dear!!  I'm done with the mid-term test, let me take a rest for a while. And yayness! I'm scared all the time about the result that will be distributed next week. Please, please, pleaseee all of you to pray for me. I did my best, for sure!! :')
Open my pc, browsing from one web to another, found cool article, photos and etc.. then I found a cute blog by Idekuhandmade too. I don't know they organize a giveaway to this month. I've seen about the provisions and I think it's simply enough. So, I decided to join it. You just need to defines the meaning of  'CRAFT' by yourself! It is simple, right? want to join too? just click!

Here, the prize. Wish me luck yay!


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