Learn(ing) From The Past

         Everybody talk. Everybody heard. Everybody feel. Everybody think. Everybody move. It is life. There is differences, competition, or whatever. Everybody has their own opinion, perseption, trick to survive. In life, we ought to face-to-face with many people, billion people, a lot. We meets up everyday with the same people and sometime meet with the new one. Something that forces us to be able to learn, understand(ing) the character of each person. We don't know yet about their characteristic before we close with them, right?
And I always remember at a proverb says : "Dont judge someone by it's cover" .Maybe, if I could chage or add the word, that word will be something like : "Dont judge someone by other perseption, opinion. Feel it by yourself".
Currently, many people are affected by the opinions or words of another people, they just believe it. I did, yes I did. Am I ashamed? No!! A big NO. I'm not feel ashamed, actually I learn from that. Learn how I should respond at something. Learn how I can be grown in a unique place, a unique 'environment', a unique world. I learn about everything in life.
A friend is one of the example, HOW CAN I MANTAIN A GOOD RELATIONSHIP EVEN THOUGH HE/SHE IS SOMEONE WHO IS CONSIDERED EVIL? How? Am I need to stay away? or hate? I think I don't have to be so. I try to make a good relationship with everyone. Make them better. Maybe with that way I'll have plenty of friends and live in peace.
I love all of my friends. The old and the new one. I love them. Sorry for my mistakes. I ever (really) hate you. Please assure me that you guys are the best for me ....please :)
Be better for you all guys.

Sylvana (17) Surprise Birthday Party (from CROSS, her Boyf and Aulia) :

L/R : Vero, Sammy, Atay, Krisna, Mboik, Ajeng, Ochi, Aje, Ronni, Me.

L/R : Sammy, Ajeng, Aje, Mas Timih, Mboik, Sylvana, Ronni, Krisna, Vero, Me, Ain, Ochi, Atay, Rizky, Riski

Ronni, Ajeng

L/R : Riski, Rizky, Aje, Me, Aulia

Me & Aulia

GNite, all :)

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