Before Home

         Idea comes unexpectedly, today .. during the lesson (Ibu Astiti - Mathematics) i really really feel sleepy, it's often happens when she teaching in my class :$ . She speaks from A to Z back to A run to Y end with Z ..zzzz i just says 'oh yes, i get that' *nod* until she asked my friend to open the OHP (re: Overhead projector) , yaa sometimes my teachers still using this machine to help them teaching in class. First words: OMG...the light ..*thinking* (kinda cool to take photos with that light). Then, i tell my thought to Aje, she is my deskmate and she agree to take photos after school with her brother's-cool-handphone. She use her brother's phone because her phone was break-down.
Here here .....  :D

                      [ L/R: Dheajenk, Me, Atay, Ajeng ]

[ L/R: Dheajenk, Me, Zakky, Ajeng, Atay ]

The Machine: OHP, Handphone (Android), Effect-photos, and a touch of confident.... LOVE! :D

-Thanks to Wipra as our photographer and Nia was accompanied us, we heart you both. *kisses*

I think we will do this 'ritual' more often hihihi...
Oyasuminasai. :)


sabrina maida said...

awww cute you have great time with friends, btw i have giveway . if you had a time check my blog :) good luck :D

my first giveway


The Matchless of Me said...

hihi yes sabrima :D i've checked. Am I late? so sorry :)