I'm OK

          You have time for happy. You have time for rejoice. You have time for sad. You have time for 'combine-feeling'. You have time for 'regular-feeling'. You have time for nothing ......and yes you have a time where you feel so blue but you don't know the reasons that made you feel so down. And sometimes, there are times when you just feel so 'nothing', you kinda want to tell it to someone that you trust the most but you did not. Silent in a thousand words. You want people to know your feeling without being told by you. I know, not everyone knows this feeling. But I'm sure that everyone has felt thing feeling, you feel nothing, you feel you want to share it, but first you don't know what you are going to tell and you decide just keep silent. All the time. I want to yell " I'm not OK for now, but I'm still OK "

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