Cooking Academy

          Yeay!! I'm back to my-lovely-blog. Feeling so bad I can't shared about my daily life here lately. The flurry of my school and poor internet connection are the mainly reason I'm not opened or even checked my blog.  But here I am, after passed the second mid-term test (yes, you know this is something that made I always wake up at 3 a.m to study again again and again and? ZONK :""" ). Me and the new 'Rumpik girls' are decided to execute our 'delayed-mission'........ that is .... COOKING-TIME :D
This mission was planned since a year ago btw. hahahhaha..... let's see it!!!!!!!!

          We set the date, divided the ingredients that we have to buy each person and met together in my house. I couldn't took photos for every step we did, why? because my hand and my body was full of flour and eggs. (iiiiiwww).  Just see the result! Looks yummmy, right??? hihihihi

          Then, we cleaned up my kitchen and started to gain weight with depleted up all the foods. YES! All! (I felt so full and want to go to bathroom to puke ... -____- ). Enough for this, and the end, this is the 'ritual' .. took photos. Going crazeeeeeeh.


          Today was extra blessed for me. Satisfy. Me love you so, all :)

(I'm not post all of the photos, just click and you'll find it) . See yaaa!

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