After School Day 1

   Konnichiwa ..finishing school-ceremony at 8.15 and then ...go home. Little bit weird but yeaah it's my school. Based on the rules, my school start the lesson from next Monday 12 September 2011. Just try to save my extra-energy, because there will be lots of homeworks, test, morning test, extracurricular. May Allah give me spirit for life hahahha ...Hope the "new year-holiday" come early :(
Me and my sister want to meet and discuss about our project. Wish us luck yaa. Amin YaRabb :)

+ note : So sorry for my random laguange and my bad grammar that i used to. Yes, my English not fluent but i try to learn learn and learn. Smooch :*

My Japanese task.. already done ,yey!!

 haahahha... look!! my bestie just send me a really really early birthday-greeting *laughing*

Me and Kintan 

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