A Full Day (Out)

  We haven't met since a day before the feast of Eid Mubarak. He promised to meet me in Solo, it takes two hours to catch my home from his home. I doubt he could fullfit his promise. Yesterday, i woke up at 7, just lying on my bed, refresh timeline every five minutes, watching tv and yes ..he didn't text me to notify what time he will go here. I think he still sleep at the moment, as always. I took a bath at 9.. and guess?? Someone was knocked my door. I can't realize that the person it was ...HE. Felt surprise, turn out he come..on time :')
So, this is our 'short-trip' : Eating at Obonk (steak), watching a movie (Tendangan Dari Langit), shopping, praying at Fatimah-Mosque, and early dinner at Oh LaVita (Italian Food). So much fun, I love him ..eh it means i love it hahaha
Sadly, he must go home. Still want to meet but... yah maybe next time. Amin :)

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