My Birthday .. 16 ♥♥♥

Heeey, sorry for this 'extra-late post' about my birthday. Yes! my birthday falls on 20 September. First, i thought that my birthday was just gonna be like usual, just got surprise from my little family. But, i'm totally wrong! night before my birthday, i slept at 11 p.m, i decided to sleep cause A did not reply my text, feel so bored at that time, whereas he prepared a surprise for me, i don't know bout that hhihi. He came at 12, but i still sleep. There's no people open the gate for him, so he back home. Yaa, maybe this is just a failed surprise for me, but i still happy! totally happy ))):))) . About 00.30 ,dad and my sister open my door-room, singing 'Happy Birthday' for me and gave gifts too..eem without mom, this is the first time mom can't accompany me at my birthday, she still at other city to finish her work. When i blowing my 16 birthday-candles, i feel so happy, so grateful .. i can't write my feeling.. i'm crazy happy :')

Got lots of birthday-greeting, via bbm text twitter facebook, i read it, said 'Amin' then reply it one-by-one. Entered my school, met all my friends, they greet me with 'hey feghaaa, happy bithday yaaa' ....whatta nice morning greeting. I hug my friends :* . After last lesson, i charge my phone on my teacher's desk at the same time i reply my chats. And guess! I've got suprise ..again!! from CROSS (XI IPS II), they gave me two birthday cake with 16 shaped of candles on it. Aje gave me a gift. I'm speechless :') . Next, i go home, my bestie Nia text me where i am at that time, she ask me to open my gate ..i did. Again! surprise agaaaaain!!!!! Nia Kintan Franda Ronny gave me surprise ..a birtday cake and gifts, they brougth eggs, flour and overflow it on my head... -____- . Wash my hair till four times you know ..
Hans and Agung came to my home too.
So, thanks ..big big big thanks for all. I love you all guys. For God.. totally, I adore You! You're the biggest, numero UNO!!

Warmheart, Fegha Fannissa :*

From mom dad and sister

From Mardatilla B Khadiffa

Franda, Nia, Me, Kintan and Ronni


Aulia Ahmad Azzahari :)

How cool!! My friends was added something on their bbm-display name

aaaaaa ...still have lots of photos, but i can't post it all.
Tons of love , I LOVE YOU ALL ♥♥♥

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