Blurry Smile, B

        Hi, guys ...how was your life? it is cool? congrast :) ..Maybe, i'm the one person in this world who can't deal with any incidents on this month, November :''
Esp..Yesterday, November 8, Blonde my monkey, was passed away. He sick since sunday morning :(
I didn't buy him at pet shop ..No, i didn't ..i got it from mom. Mom gave me a monkey as gift at my 15th birthday. Oh, God .. i won't tell you more about him. I was not able to say any more, tell you how my closeness to him. Now, i just want him come back to me and i think it's something that's not likely to happen.
Allah, please ...put him into the most beautiful place, called 'heaven' cause i believe that my brother (Fuad) will take care of Blonde, with love!!

"Hi Blonde, how r u? i hope we can meet again on the other side , see you soon ..."

Mom: "hi dear, what happened? don't cry anymore. Blonde safe with ur brother. Go get ur food."
Me: "sure? yes mom :'( "

Blonde :)


Tons of Love,
Warmheart, Fegha
I Love You, Blonde :)

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