Been almost a year together and spend a few minute to make it surcease. Some of us believe we aren't old enough to understand about love, being together and live with someone besides us, everyday. Send a morning-till nite text everyday, reminding us to do important things, spending time together, asleep-calling, take lots of photos, imagine something impossible, angry, happy, romance, sadness, difficulties etc. But I, I try to understand all the things in life. About love, too. 
         Why people still yelling that love is blind? Why? For sure, I agree with the statement that 'Love is blind', but it doesn't matter at all. For me, the most important thing about love is yaaa is love. Love ...noone can describe it. Noone define it. You can feel it. Yes you just able to feel it. How awful if someone describe a 'Love' as a 'blablabla ...'with-long-words' yet they can't prove it.
          And it's really hard to find someone who really love us and we really love them back. It's.... hard. Which is more difficult ...again... yes ..when we try to preserve that. Moreover, one of us is ..give up. When I start to feel really comfortable to lean on his shoulder, he suddenly shift and go ...leave me fall.. alone. If people tell me that I'm stupid enough to believe all of your beautiful lies, so what? I have Allah with me, with us. It wasn't a mistake (second mistake) .I'm waiting you, Mr. InnerCircle. Make a better life. Surely, you can do it. You sketchs every little things in your mind. I knew you understand all my mind. You have to move :')

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