You and I

          Here, the first time we took photos in a box-thing called 'photobox'  ...i love i love hihi :D

A: "Ay aku pengen liat The Avengers ..yang 3D"
Me: "Yaudah ayo deh, tapi jam 3 aku dbl"
A: "Nanti langsung aja nggausah mandi"
Me: " *sigh* *berangkat* "

           Unexpectedly, when I entered the cinema and will queue the tickets, there's a voice ..yelling my name. And I'm looking for the sound source and tuuuuuurn it's Tita! She's my bestfriend, we have no seen for many months. We hugged each other and my boyf took photos of us too. 

          I love The Avengers and Dark Shadows so badly! AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME. I'm a lil' bit late watching that movie but it's not problem at all. I'm a huge fans of Robert Downey, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L.Jackson, Johnny Depp, Chloe G Moretz etc. U GUYS ROOOOOCK!!!! 


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