National Skateboarding Championship #1

          An another-unforgettable Sunday morning, this morning my boyfriend text me and asked me to go to have breakfast porridge at Wilujeng Sumping. I really crave for it -____-. Then, my sister text me and ask us to accompany her attending National Skateboarding Championship #1.This is AH-MAH-ZIIIIING !!! I think this is the first time I see an event like this.
           And the skaters are so cool, man. They came from various cities such Jakarta, Jogjakarta, Semarang, Bali, Balikpapan, Pacitan etc and there's a boy named Adam from Malaysia too.
           Thanks to Piero , I've got the goodie bag. I won the quiz hahahaha :D
            The Result:
     -Piero Nation Skatecomp Amateur Winners: 1. Sanggu [my favs, he's so cute, damn :' ], 2. Samid, and 3. Bayu SG
     -Piero Nation Skatecomp Best Trick Contest Winners: 1. Adam, 2. Pevi Permana, and 3. Firman Endo.
     -Piero Nation Skatecomp Pro Winners: 1. Pevi Permana, 2. Rino Herman, and 3. Adam.

          Once again this event is so great, badly I can't attending series 2 ....of course :( .Hope I can meet with you all again someday and I can learn one or two about skate-trick. Success guys :)


[Under 15th from Jakarta, charming :') ]

[Lalang, 5 years old from Pacitan]

[Sanggu,11 years old from Bali]

[Tugu, the local boy from Solo]

   Photographer: Me, My Sister and My Boyf :)
Location: Ngarsopuro, Solo Jawa Tengah
Edited by me.

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