First Monday My Holiday

         Yesterday was the first day my holiday starts. I just got a week for term-holiday, supposed to be two weeks. But since I as-student-with-three-strips, there was an extra-lesson to prepare the national examination. So, let me enjoy this. Without too much complaining. :')

          First thing I do after waking up in the morning (almost-always), checked where my phone is. Yeps, I always lose my phone, either fell, under my pillow or in my blanket. Though I didn't get a morning-text, I got a few incoming chats and I opened it. Zakky and Kintan chat me for many many many many times and PING!!!(s). Well, the night before they asked me to go somewhere, I don't even give an approval but they told they were already in front my house at 9am. -___- Then, they waiting a very-long-take-a bath-of me hahahaha *evil laugh*

          Surprisingly, they took me to another city, Boyolali. Nearly an hour, we arrived there. Traffic jam and superrrrrr hot day. *sigh*

Samudera, Zakky, me, Kinta, Krisna, and Giffery (as photographer)

         Arrived home at 6pm, took a bath and then come to my friend birthday, Hans. He held a dinner with some friends. I came with Aje, I couldn't stop telling her about him* and also, Aje tell me about him*. Finished, I and Aje won't back home first cause we still want to talk. So, we decided to walk, to go to stall-milk in VW-comby in front of the restaurant. 

          We shared, give-advice(s), tell-stories each other until we couldn't hold tears (*yes we girl*) and we reach home at 11.30pm  :'''''')
"there's no space for me to starts the convos"
"just like your quote, if he back he's yours forevers" "no, that was his quote. :')"
"forever is something called with an un-certainly thing, and relative form ourself"
"I never realize that things, called love could be this complicated and killing."
"miss him, everything just remains me." 
him*: mine and her.

I loves the last song movie, I watch for more than 10 times i guess. That's my favorite quote. May I cry? :')

from weheartit, miss.

"Selamat hari burung spesial."

Happy holiday,
Fegha Fannissa.

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