Ju-ichi Pinky

           People say that today is a special day, I don't know the spesific one but I conclude that was because today ... November, 11 2011. So we called with 111111 (triple eleven). Eeeem, right?  A beautiful combination of numbers!!! Many people held their wedding party, give birth and also 'in relationship' today, some thought that this day was a blessing. Do you think so, guys? Personality, i thought that today was just an ordinary day ...yaa like usual. There's no something special, just like my normal life ..but the best moment on this day is ..when during gym class!!!! ... I played football with my friends, whereas i didn't knew how to play the game. I'm serious! we just kicking kicking .....and laughing.. hahahhaha unforgettable moment in my life, so much fun to have friend-time together with you all ESOTO ...niteeeey ... HAPPY 11-11-11 :)


after my friend's (17th birthday) pinky party, so much fun :)

Knitted top: Cache-Cache
Skirt: DIY
Tight: Unbranded

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