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         Woooopsi, sorry i'm late to tell you about my departure. Yeay, i still remember i wanna greet you all in the next 2 days after i'm out of this town, but i got a hitch as usual (so sorry :( ). 1. I didn't get a good internet-connection, 2. I felt very-super-duper tired with my school-works and ......3. I've too many pictures on my vacation, so i had to choose which one i'll post to my blog. And ...here it is ..

So, my departure is .....camping with ESOTO!!!!!!!!! we got a holiday (no-school) on Monday and Tuesday. Yes!! MONDAAAAAAAY. It such a blessing no school at that day. We decided to go on Sunday 'til Monday so that we can take a rest on Tuesday and prepare to back to school on Wednesday. Emmmmm -___-
Really, i got my-superb-short-holiday with lovely friends, a very comfortable place like heaven and with a very low cost. hihihi :)
I wish i could go back again with them. Someday!

Let's play... hide and seek ...

Yaaaaay, i love all about knit. I got this sweater from my Mom, i also like the color. Warm and fashionable. My favorite! :)

Last second before back to home. One sentence...... 'beautiful scenery' :')

Maybe, that's all about the story of my vacation with my friends. I hope, someday, when i get back there the situation is not different ...i mean that the weather stays cool and comfortable. It's fitting to calm my mind there. Allah, please take me back there again, as soon as possible with my boyfriend hahahahaha lol.

P.S : If you want to see the other pictures, visit my Facebook on Fegha F Dyananto !!!
Bunch of love, muaaaaaaaaah :*

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