Rolling In The Deep

        Good evening.. what are you doing right now? Watching the soccer match between Indonesia and Malaysia? Wopsaaaaaaah!! with whom? your friends? your family? your boyfriend? or maybe alone? hihihi not problem with whom you watch that match but the most important is you keep support and pray so that your idol team will win! Agree? And of course, I support my beloved country ... INDONESIA yeeey INDONESIA not ENDONESIA *LOL*
Back to the main problem (oh no am i look so serious?) ..i'm totally confused about something that i couldn't mention it. I just thinking why did this happen .. i always try to stay in my 'positive thinking-area' but sometime (and often) it doesn't work as well as my 'negative thinking-area' work ..seriously :(
For sure, I need someone who can give me support, divides me his/her/their time for me, swap stories, watching movie ....aaaaaaaa at any rate they right next to me in every time i need them.
I was disappointed with someone, i don't know why he/she suddenly behave like this. HAHAHA:( :( :( :( :(
If could i would ask Allah to give me a chance to know the hearts of every person so ...ah STOP :'(
Nicht traurig sein, Feghaaaaa! *cryyy*

P.S: Dear, someone. I am very grateful about our meeting, but why you do the things that you should not to do. I love you. :)

"We could have had it all,
Rolling in the deep,
You had my heart inside of your hand,And you played it to the beat"


Always Unlucky said...

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The Matchless of Me said...

Really? Thanks, btw. Keep reading, dude! :)